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We handle a wide variety of general commercial and intellectual property disputes. Though we will attempt to resolve a dispute without litigation and obtain a favorable settlement, if that is not possible, we will vigorously pursue a resolution through the courts.

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Client Testimonials

I’ve founded and run several education companies (two of which became significant public companies). No lawyer I’ve worked with has been more effective than Chris Serbagi, who has been my trusted commercial litigator and trademark counsel for over fifteen years. Chris knows how to win cases, and he does so efficiently, honorably, and at reasonable cost. Through his dogged thoroughness and strategic thinking, he has prevailed in a variety of trademark and commercial disputes.

Christopher is the best lawyer I have ever seen. I would hire him for any bet-the-company case — he wins every time.

John Katzman

Founder and CEO of The Noodle Companies
Founder of The Princeton Review and 2U, Inc.

I am the former General Counsel of a Fortune 500 company. I hired Christopher Serbagi to handle a significant breach of contract case involving grain trading before an international arbitration association. Not only did we prevail in the case, but we also won a significant sum on counterclaims that Christopher developed. He handled the case deftly, creatively, and in a manner that was economical for the company. I would hire him again without reservation.

Rene Carson

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal & Governance Officer Renovatio PR LLC

I have worked with Christopher on various matters over the last nine years, and I’ve also referred matters to him. Chris is smart, dedicated, and insightful. He zeroes in on what is important in a case. It is always a pleasure to work with Christopher. He cares about his clients, cares about doing the right thing, and knows how to win. As a former big-firm attorney, he provides clients big-firm skill but at reasonable rates. I recommend him highly.

Eric Rayman

Miller Korzenik Sommers Rayman LLP

My spouse and I retained Christopher Serbagi to advise on a possible litigation involving a real estate transaction. We knew Christopher because he formerly represented a family member, who owns a publishing company, in a significant breach of contract arbitration, where Chris prevailed in all respects at a very reasonable cost.

We found Christopher to be incredibly responsive, 100% reliable, totally trustworthy, completely straightforward, highly intelligent, and genuinely interested in helping us. We were particularly impressed because he helped us navigate some rather subtle conflicts throughout this issue to achieve a good outcome. More importantly–demonstrating that he had only our best interests in mind, rather than pressing us toward litigation (as many attorneys would have), where the fees would have undoubtedly been high–Christopher advocated a measured business solution where we avoided the time and costs associated with litigation. We feel this level of integrity and client-focus is very difficult to find and we are very grateful to Christopher for his skillful guidance.

Olivia Magowan and Nicholas Shea

NYC Real Estate Owners

Christopher Serbagi is an intellectual property lawyer with integrity. He is competent, professional, resourceful, and responsive. When a legal matter came up for our literary agency and we needed an attorney to help us figure out how to best handle it, Mr. Serbagi advised us of our options, helped us come up with a strategy, and successfully litigated our case, going above and beyond the call of duty. He is an outstanding negotiator. He understands contracts and how to best represent one’s rights under them. Also, importantly, he is not only an astute lawyer, but also a wonderful human being you can trust to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and best represent your interests. I could not recommend him more highly.

Michelle Tessler

Tessler Literary Agency

I hired Christopher Serbagi for a litigation concerning a business dispute I had with a former business partner over vintage fashion items. Christopher is a brilliant attorney and was fantastic during this litigation. He worked diligently and tirelessly on my behalf, under what were very stressful circumstances. He put such pressure on the other side that they capitulated, and we quickly reached settlement, which I considered to be very favorable. I recommend Christopher fully and without hesitation.

Meagan Freilich

fashion consultant

When a royalty dispute developed between myself and a company regarding some books I’d written, Chris Serbagi stepped in, and was able to negotiate a buy-out that exceeded expectations. He delved into the nitty-gritty of the contracts, waded through years of emails and book revision notes, was able to ferret out hard numbers from the company (a remarkable accomplishment in and of itself), and developed arguments that were basically unassailable. Chris was instrumental in obtaining a significant settlement.

I found Chris to be a very smart, very skilled straight-shooter, uninterested in hyping his own importance or in padding his bills. I would recommend Chris to anyone.

Geoff Martz